Multilanguage site & Google Adwords

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Multilanguage site & Google Adwords

Messagepar depprussell » jeu. 28 juin 2018 08:50


Hope that I succeed to make myself clear, because following issue is out of my knowledge and I´m not sure I could describe it perfectly in english. But let´s try!I have done site multilanguage site with also english version [url][/url]. It seems to me working properly but there has occurred a problem with that site and Google Adwords campaign.Google has closed the campaign because of reasons which they described "I get an internal server error code 500" and "destination not working". Google Adwords partner thinks that this could be due to robot.txt file. They think that robot.txt prevents all the "bots". That would be the reason why Google bot can´t index my site.Adwords partner also noticed that before Google closed the Adwords campaign - traffic went sometimes (randomly) to Finnish site and sometimes to English site. It should work so that it goes to Finnish site with Finnish keywords and to English site with English keywords.Many questions... Hope that somebody gets the point and could help me.

Please help.

I did not find the right solution from the internet.


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Re: Multilanguage site & Google Adwords

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